Concierge | New York Hotel Service

You can trust our experienced Hotel Concierge to help you find the best way not only to spend your time in this exciting city, but also to assist you with securing New York Restaurant Reservations, Broadway Theater Tickets, New York Attractions, New York Activities, Transportation, and anything else that will make your New York experience exceptional.

Don’t spend a  minute worrying about how you’re going to fit in everything you want to experience when you visit New York. Our professional and courteous Concierge Staff is at your service to help make sense of all the New York Attractions and Activities, so you can see what you want, when you want.

Here are some suggestions of the many New York Attractions and New York Activities for which you may want to confer with our Concierge Staff:

  • New York City Sporting Events
  • New York City Concerts
  • Broadway Shows
  • Times Square Events
  • New York Trade Shows and NYC Conventions
  • New York Museums
  • Central Park Tours
  • New York Landmarks
  • New York Restaurant & Reservations
  • New York Nightlife
  • NYC City Tours
  • New York Shopping

To reach our Concierge Team before or during your visit, please call: 212.581.3300, or Email.