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Our Times Square Hotel is located in the heart of NYC's Times Square and close to many NYC Attractions and many of the most popular 'Things to do in NYC' and 'What to do in New York', including; Empire State Building, Central Park, New York City Tours, Statue of Liberty and many New York Activities that make New York City the 'World's Most Exciting City!'

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Whenever you visit New York - you're likely to have questions;

What is the Best Broadway Play? Who has the Best New York-style Pizza?

Need a list of the best NY Restaurants

 What is the best Shopping in Times Square? What is the next 'can't miss' New York Event or NYC Trade Show? When is New York's Restaurant Week?

What are the Top 3 NYC City Tours? Which  New York Attractions are best for families, kids or couples?

Unless you have a favorite cousin living in New York who has all the answers to these questions, you may be out of luck, but not anymore - The Manhattan Hotel at Times Square has you covered with our New York Visitor's Guide.

It's impossible to feature every New York Attraction, NYC Activities, NY Restaurants, NYC Events, NYC Shopping or best Broadway Shows, on one Website, but we've created the next best thing by combining the top selections for New York Attractions, NYC Activities, Broadway Shows, NY Restaurants, Shopping in New York and NYC Events and present them here in our New York Visitor's Guide

We update the information on our New York Visitor's Guide throughout the year so come back often and see our featured Things to do in NYC and What to do in New York.

Need to plan for a day or a week while Visiting New York? No problem - New York City is the 'things to do' capital of the world. There are more things to do in a 10 block radius in NYC than in many cities. Choose from exciting New York Attractions like Empire State Building... View Details
"If you can make it here you can make it anywhere!" You may not have what it takes to take the stage in an award-winning Broadway Show but you don't have to - you can take your pick of many of the best shows in theater today. Check out our list below to see what's on when... View Details
O.k., you have a 3 days in New York City, 'what do you want to do?' - if the word 'anything' comes to mind, you've visited the right city, because that is exactly what there is to do here - anything! You will never be bored in New York City; the toughest part is deciding... View Details
Ready to take a bite out of the Big Apple? How about a bite of a tasty Cheese burger the likes of which you've never tasted before? How about a slice of the best Pizza you can get your hands on and lips around? How about a list of award-winning steakhouses in the double... View Details
Whether you need to buy a pair of shoes from the world's top designers, or if you're looking for the widest variety of sweaters, books, buttons or electronics in the world - chances are there is a store in New York that has it and if you're luck it just may be on sale!... View Details
New York City is the city that never sleeps - and that means there's always something to do. Whether you're looking for a Trade Show at Javits Convention Center, a Concert in Central Park, a Sporting Event in Madison Square Garden or a Film Festival in Tribeca New York City... View Details
With so much to see and do in New York, it’s well worth your time – especially if it’s your first time – to take in a New York City Tour or two. Whether by bus or bike, boat or helicopter, NYC Tours provide visitors with fabulous overviews, historical tidbits, noteworthy... View Details

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