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Location: 91 Orchard St, New York, NY 10002

Contact: 212.982.8420

The Lower East Side Museum is registered as a National Historic site, and includes a NYC Visitor’s Center for the NY Museum, which sits just a block away. The Lower East Side Museum is a New York Attraction that gives a historical perspective on the experience of immigrating to New York City, and promotes tolerance amount New York Visitors and locals who experience the NYC Museum.

This exciting New York City Attraction provides great opportunities for New York Shopping, NY Dining, and taking in New York City Activities. Throughout the year, South Street Seaport offers many wonderful New York Events like farmers’ markets, summer festivals, and winter celebrations.

South Street Seaport can be easily reached by bus, subway, car, or ferry, and is one of most fun NYC Attractions for experiencing New York City’s energetic lifestyle. At South Street Seaport, you’ll find colorful street performers, boats, NYC Shops, and New York Restaurants, and so much more.

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Spend a few hours at South Street Seaport roaming the NYC Stores, which sell books, children’s toys, apparel, gifts, jewelry, beauty items, shoes, artisan wares, specialty foods, and more.

You might even see a movie shoot in progress at South Street Seaport, as its setting amidst tall ships and the Brooklyn Bridge is the perfect backdrop for films and television shows.

Come experience South Street Seaport’s charming cobblestone streets, historic wooden pier, and open spaces that look out onto scenic vistas. At South Street Seaport, a wonderful mix of New York Cafes, New York City Retail Shops, and NYC Attractions await.

South Street Seaport | 19 Fulton Street, Suite 201, New York, NY 10038 | 212-732-8257