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Canter Through Central Park

Canter Through Central Park

August 3rd, 2016 | Travel Tips

If you go to New York City and don't manage to get in a horse drawn carriage while visiting Central Park, you've missed out on a staple experience for tourists everywhere. Though many might turn their noses up at such an old-fashioned mode of transportation, the truth is that seeing Manhattan by carriage is a unique opportunity, and, as a bonus, it offers a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, which many tourists need after a few days. We suggest NYC Horse Carriage rides.

Starting in 1979, two brothers from Sicily immigrated to New York City and started NYC Horse Carriage Rides, and the business has been in the family ever since. There's just something about stepping back in time and experiencing the lights of the city through a horse driver's eyes. Whether you ride by day or by night, your carriage ride will provide you with memories to last a life time. Great for couples as well as families, their tours include not only a relaxed and amiable atmosphere, but one that's dedicated to making sure your experience is the best offered in Manhattan.

These rides are especially good for families, as kids are often invited to get to know the horses on a more personal level by the end of the tour. Reviews rave that even the surliest teens open up to the history and beautiful sights of NYC. When your ride is over, spend some time in Central Park, visiting the locations mentioned, and grab some food from the nearby vendors. Whatever you end up filling the remainder of your day with, know relaxation and refuge is always close by at the Manhattan.

Address: 7th Ave 59th Street, Central Park South, New York City, NY 10019

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