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From how to get around New York City, to what to do and where to go, your NYC travel travel tips are all right here on the Manhattan Hotel Times Square blog.

  • Best Family-Friendly Attractions in New York City

    February 8th, 2018 | Travel Tips

    An exciting destination for adults seeking to experience life in a metropolis, New York can be just as interesting for children and teenagers – if you know where to go to keep them entertained. 

  • 5 Tips to Enjoy New York on a Budget

    February 1st, 2018 | Travel Tips

    Known as one of the most expensive cities in the world, New York can scare budget travelers away… If they don’t know the secrets of saving money when visiting New York. Continue reading and that won’t be you!

  • 5 Ways to Weather Snow Days in NYC

    January 11th, 2018 | Travel Tips

    Christmas and New Year’s celebrations have come and gone, but frosty temperatures in New York are just reaching their peak. If you’re visiting NYC at the height of winter, you might wonder what you can do to enjoy the city in spite of the cold. 

  • The Manhattan at Times Square Guide to Running in NYC

    November 30th, 2017 | Travel Tips

    The buzz of New York City’s marathon may be dying down, but New Yorkers never stop pounding the pavement. On your next trip to New York, make sure to pack your running gear - you won’t want to miss the opportunity to explore the city through running.

  • What to Pack When Traveling to NYC

    November 9th, 2017 | Travel Tips

    A city like New York is meant to be seen in all its seasonal glory. And that means being ready for whatever the weather might throw at you. The Manhattan at Times Square has put together a list to help you pack the right clothes for your trip.

  • The Best Views of New York’s Skyline

    October 26th, 2017 | Travel Tips

    What comes to mind when you think of New York? Our guess is Times Square, Broadway, the Museum Mile, Fifth Avenue and skyscrapers. There are numerous ways to see the buildings that make up the city’s skyline, but the best ways are to see them are from above and from a distance. 

  • The Manhattan at Times Square Guide to Central Park in the Fall

    September 21st, 2017 | Travel Tips

    'Tis the season for leaf peeping! And Central Park is the place where you want to be. Feast your eyes on gorgeous landscape after landscape by exploring the following areas, starting at Central Park’s south end, which is only a short walk from the Manhattan! 

  • Picture Perfect NYC Spots

    August 31st, 2017 | Travel Tips

    Capturing a trip on camera is almost as essential to a tourist as air. Once we are old, we want to impress the young ones with jaw-dropping images that go along with our travel tales. So, we have taken it upon ourselves to pinpoint the exact locations that should be visited to shoot the perfect New York City photos.

  • 5 Sights You Must See in New York

    August 10th, 2017 | Travel Tips

    Being a tourist in New York City, especially for the first time, is daunting. This city has so much to offer that sometimes you don’t know where to begin. But how to ensure you don’t miss out? We’ve got you covered. The list below includes the five sights that no one should ever, ever, miss and which can be enjoyed year-round.

  • Your Guide To Brunching in NYC

    March 6th, 2017 | Travel Tips

    The weekends in NYC are for brunching. Let's be honest, nothing beats a refreshing Mimosa or Spicy Bloody Mary on a cool spring day. Many people enjoy brunch, but for New Yorkers it's an institution. Here's a list of our favorite famous spots:


  • Get In Touch With Manhattan's History at the Tenement Museum

    February 3rd, 2017 | Travel Tips

    Off-the-beaten path but not far from perfection! The Tenement Museum is an interactive experience that can be viewed three ways. The first is to tour the building of restored apartments, past businesses, residents and merchants from a variety of time periods. The second is the most innovative--meet the residents, these are costumed interpreters that are acting out the daily life of the people that lived at 97 Orchard Street.

  • Get In The Holiday Mood at Bryant Park Winter Village

    December 5th, 2016 | Travel Tips

    December is officially in full swing, time to visit Bryant Park Winter Village. Nothing says the holidays like a market full of possibilities, iceskating, and hot cocoa. Get cozy on a couch or in a lounger at rink-side popup restaurant Public Fare. Warm your tummies with our favorite grilled cheese and tomato soup.

  • Picnic with Ghosts

    September 5th, 2016 | Travel Tips

    One thing about New York City is that there's a museum for pretty much anything. We have art museums and taxidermy museums, but did you know there's a museum that lets you explore NYC's vast subway tunnels and beautiful, derelict stations? Well, there is. The New York Transit Museum offers semi-regular tours for those seeking a little info about the world beneath Manhattan's streets.

  • Take a Walk Down History's Lane

    August 3rd, 2016 | Travel Tips

    For those visiting the Big Apple hoping to leave with a little more history under their belt, there are multiple tours through the city that provide insight, inspiration, and weave tales of the rich history of New York City. But there is no other tour quite like the one that includes a visit to three of the most culturally rich and historic areas in New York City. Take a walk with your guide and the rest of your group through SoHo, Little Italy, and Chinatown.

  • A Little TLC

    August 3rd, 2016 | Travel Tips

    The city, with all its lights and splendor, can occasionally be stressful for tourists who are unused to the fast pace. So if you have time during your visit to chill out for a bit and escape the heat, find some rest and relaxation at one of the many spas New York City has to offer.

  • Canter Through Central Park

    August 3rd, 2016 | Travel Tips

    If you go to New York City and don't manage to get in a horse drawn carriage while visiting Central Park, you've missed out on a staple experience for tourists everywhere. Though many might turn their noses up at such an old-fashioned mode of transportation, the truth is that seeing Manhattan by carriage is a unique opportunity, and, as a bonus, it offers a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, which many tourists need after a few days.

  • Come Play at the Park

    July 1st, 2016 | Travel Tips

    It wouldn't be a proper New York summer without Shakespeare in the Park. You can catch this year's performance at the open-air Delacorte Theater in Central Park, a fifteen minute drive from the Manhattan at Times Square Hotel.

  • Take the High Road

    June 1st, 2016 | Travel Tips

    >We've mentioned some of what the famous High Line Park in NYC has to offer before, but we haven't gotten to talk about some of the other amazing opportunities and tours that set off from that location. The High Line, an elevated train track converted into one of the United State's most unique parks, is located only a ten minute drive from our hotel in Times Square.

  • A Billion-Oyster Comeback

    May 3rd, 2016 | Travel Tips

    What do the New York Harbor Foundation, fifty public schools, local restaurants, businesses, non-profits and a bunch of oyster-loving foodies have in common? A goal to restore the oyster population of the New York Harbor by at least one billion oysters by 2035. The Billion Oyster Coalition was created to preserve and restore the natural ecosystem of the New York harbor, which has been all but destroyed.

  • Times Square's Midnight Secret

    May 3rd, 2016 | Travel Tips

    Times Square is one of the most visited sites in the world, receiving on average 300,000 pedestrians every day, there to take in the gigantic, high-wattage billboards and marquees. Yet with all of this foot traffic, there's a secret that not many people, not even seasoned locals, know about. From exactly 11:57 p.m. until midnight, the screens simultaneously change from the images, products, and brands they show all day.

  • Treat yourself to Executive Class

    April 4th, 2016 | Travel Tips

    On the eighteenth floor of our Times Square hotel, you'll find our newly renovated Executive Class Rooms. These were purposefully designed with a residential feel to create a sense of peace and tranquility in this home away from home. Details are important, which is why we've taken great care in selecting the art that hangs in these rooms and why our design team chose their sophisticated and soothing color palette.

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