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Take a Walk Down History's Lane

Take a Walk Down History's Lane

August 3rd, 2016 | Travel Tips

For those visiting the Big Apple hoping to leave with a little more history under their belt, there are multiple tours through the city that provide insight, inspiration, and weave tales of the rich history of New York City. But there is no other tour quite like the one that includes a visit to three of the most culturally rich and historic areas in New York City. Take a walk with your guide and the rest of your group through SoHo, Little Italy, and Chinatown. Great for families with kids and without, these tours will inspire you to peer deeper into the inner workings of Manhattan and its surrounding neighborhoods. And the meeting spot in SoHo Square Park is only twenty or so minutes from the Manhattan at Times Square Hotel.

Barter in Chinatown, order pasta carbonara in Little Italy, and keep a look out for trendy celebrities in SoHo. Notice the way the architecture in these three places differ—from the fire escapes in Little Italy to the pagodas in Chinatown to the antique bricking in SoHo. Though all these neighborhoods are close together, each has a unique past and their cultures and buildings reflect that.

Chinatown especially, home to the largest number of Chinese immigrants in the nation, will offer you a completely different perspective. Walk in the shoes of these immigrants as you walk their streets, and learn about the trials of adjusting to Western life in the face of prejudice and poverty. Learn about the way this pocket of culture changed over the years, including an inside look into the gangs and infamous Tong Wars that took place in the area.

After your tour, get lunch in one of the many restaurants you passed by, or head back into the city to do some shopping. When your feet are sore and your hands are full, head back to the Manhattan for a good rest.

Address: SoHo Square Park, Southwest corner of Spring Street and 6th Avenue New York 10012

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