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A Trip Underground

A Trip Underground

August 13th, 2016 | Events in New York

At least once a month, you can find one of the best shows in town. You just have to know where to look. Home of "sort-of secret" dance parties and comedy shows, Secret Loft has operated for the last three years in Bushwick's McKibbin Lofts, about thirty minutes out from our hotel at Times Square.

Secret Loft has perfected that underground vibe while offering their guests something that can never be valued too highly in New York—a set location. Secret Loft's cool events—from last minute costume parties to a once-a-month comedy show—never disappoint. They even put out free pizza for those who manage to make it.

Right now, Secret Loft is in the middle of a move to a new, better, even "more secret" location in order to accommodate their growing success. But you can keep up with their progress via their Facebook page, where you're always let in on the secret.

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