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Dinner for Twenty

Dinner for Twenty

August 13th, 2016 | Dining

While you may have heard plenty about New York City's hundreds of speakeasies, this twist on exclusive hidden gems asks you to ring a doorbell for food instead. A restaurant located in the back of a brewery, Dinnertable is a secretive dining experience you will never forget, and it's only twenty minutes away from the Manhattan.

For a seat at this elusive eatery, you need to prepare yourself for rejection. With a menu focused on homey Italian meals and wines, Dinnertable only seats up to twenty guests at a time. With word spreading fast, the night you try to go may not be the night for you. To get in, enter the brewery Garret East on Avenue A, and ring the doorbell behind the curtain in the back that says, "PRESS FOR FOOD." If the eatery is full, hang around for a while and nurse some beers at the Garret East—they're good, and a table might open up.

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