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A Billion-Oyster Comeback

A Billion-Oyster Comeback

May 3rd, 2016 | Travel Tips

What do the New York Harbor Foundation, fifty public schools, local restaurants, businesses, non-profits and a bunch of oyster-loving foodies have in common? A goal to restore the oyster population of the New York Harbor by at least one billion oysters by 2035. The Billion Oyster Coalition was created to preserve and restore the natural ecosystem of the New York harbor, which has been all but destroyed. It turns out, oysters are crucial members of the ecosystem, and help maintain not just a healthy underwater environment, but also a safer and structurally-sound shoreline. The coalition has established awareness, research, shell recycling and restoration programs that operate year round to spread this message and rebuild the damage done. In true New York fashion, these efforts come together in a giant party, once a year. The Billion Oyster Party brings together oyster-lovers and the best oyster farms together in an event that is at once a food and an environmental activism festival. This year, attendees can kick off their summer with delicious bites from fifteen of the top restaurants in NYC, a shucking show-off between pros, information on oyster reef restoration, an open bar with beverages from local partners, live music, and more. The Billion Oyster Party is an opportunity for consumers to become aware of the industry's impact as well as the providers, farmers, and restaurants who take the proper efforts to curtail their impact. All in all, it is an educational event you'll actually enjoy and feels more like a gourmand's idea of a good night, sampling from the city's best restaurants and bars. The event takes place onThursday, May 19th from 6 to 10 pm, just a short ride away from our Times Square hotel.

Pioneer Works. 159 Pioneer St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

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