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Flash Frozen Treat

Flash Frozen Treat

June 1st, 2016 | Dining

Summer time means ice-cream weather, but if regular ice-cream just doesn't do it for you, there's always -321º Ice Cream Shop, an innovative and delicious liquid nitrogen ice-cream parlor in Brooklyn, just a short trip from our Times Square hotel.

Named for the degree at which liquid nitrogen freezes the fresh and savory ingredients right before your eyes, -321º Ice Cream Shop won't just give you homemade and chemically frozen ice cream, but it will provide entertainment for you while you wait. The ice cream employees scoop the cream base into mixers before closing them and blasting liquid nitrogen straight into the mixer. Each dish is made to order, so make sure to beat the crowds and slip in before -321º runs out of the liquid nitrogen it takes to do their job.

-321º also breaks out a Menu of the Month, ladled with specially designed flavors. Known for its creativity, -321º Ice Cream Shop will challenge you to try new and exciting ingredients to mix into your treat, resulting in innovative flavors—like Coffee and Donuts—seldom seen in traditional parlors. Never eat plain vanilla ice cream again! But if you're more the traditional type, name your favorite ice cream and -321 will make it. Cookies and cream? Green tea with matcha flavored Kit-Kats? Safe and promising chocolate? It's all there.

Besides the process, the other thing that makes this ice cream truly flawless is how liquid nitrogen produces a smaller ice crystal than your average ice cream machine. The same way egg whites make gelato's consistency heavenly, these smaller ice crystals create a creamier, custard-like texture. This concoction is truly unlike any ice-cream you've ever tasted.

When you've savored every perfect last drop, hop on the subway and make your way back to the Manhattan at Times Square Hotel, where you can finish off your night getting ready for a night on the town or relaxing in your room.

Address: 288 Grand Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211

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