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Picnic with Ghosts

Picnic with Ghosts

September 5th, 2016 | Travel Tips

One thing about New York City is that there's a museum for pretty much anything. We have art museums and taxidermy museums, but did you know there's a museum that lets you explore NYC's vast subway tunnels and beautiful, derelict stations? Well, there is. The New York Transit Museum offers semi-regular tours for those seeking a little info about the world beneath Manhattan's streets.

One of the most popular tours the museum has is this October 29th. The Evening Ride to Woodlawn Cemetery offers visitors a harrowing trip on a WWI-era subway car for two hours of close contact with the cemetery where many famous names now call home. Bring a picnic dinner and a flashlight, and get to know the permanent residents of Woodlawn Cemetery. Recognize names such as Madam C.J. Walker, Illinois Jacquet, and Charles Cleveland Dodge. Maybe you'll see a ghost or two!

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