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New York City's Most Exclusive Pizza

New York City's Most Exclusive Pizza

May 3rd, 2017 | Dining

New York City is home to the delicious one dollar slice, however, rarely does another pizza come along that is so good people are willing to pay $38 dollars. Sofia Pizza Shoppe has created a pie that requires an online ticket purchase and is only available a few nights a week to a restricted number of people. This makes it the most elusive pizza in NYC this May. One of the co-owners, Thomas DeGrezia, says that it is made with three day cold-fermented dough that has been rising in a oil-lined pan with fresh grated cheese for 12 hours before being utilized. The flour is imported, unfiltered, and organic and they use organic Sicilian olive oil. The result is a fluffy dough with puffy crispy edges that is mouthwatering. So good, they even throw in two nonalcoholic drinks for you to swish it back. Make sure to book ahead of time, if you want to be one of the first to experience this NYC delicacy.

Sofia Pizza Shoppe, 989 1st Avenue, click here for tickets:

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