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An Open House for Everyone

An Open House for Everyone

October 6th, 2016 | Events in New York

As the trees change in Central Park, many much anticipated events are coming to New York City! One of October's most sought after affairs is Open House New York, a weekend-long gift where many historic and famous buildings of Manhattan, normally off limits, are open to the public.

This October 15th and 16th, visit up to 250 locations in Manhattan and its surrounding boroughs. This year is extra special, as some of those 250 stops are new additions to the Open House New York lineup. These include the Metropolitan Opera House and Lowe's "Wonder Theatre." Other stops may include historic homes in Brooklyn and Queens.

While many of these sites are "open-access," some require a reservation with Open House New York. Reservations to take part in this much loved NYC event start on October 11th. You can find out how to register at

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