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The Brighter Side of Cider

The Brighter Side of Cider

October 7th, 2016 | Bar & Nightlife

If beer isn't usually what you order at the bar, it's that time of year again! From October 21st to October 31st, you can get your cider fix at Cider Week NYC.

For a little over one glorious week, over fifty bars open their doors to cider enthusiasts. All around the city, you can find choice beverages, workshops, and free tastings. From "Ciders and Sliders" at Chelsea Wine Vault in Manhattan to "Cider 101" in Brooklyn, you can't go wrong. Many tasting events, such as Applepooloza 2016 and the annual Cider Salon, also take place toward the end of October.

While many events are free, some dining events cost a little extra. These prices can range from a twenty to upwards of two hundred dollars, so be sure to check out the event list at ciderweeknyc.com. This way, your weeklong affair with cider won't be ruined by any expensive surprises.

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