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Eat Chinese Food Like a New Yorker

Eat Chinese Food Like a New Yorker

January 5th, 2017 | Dining

Every New Yorker claims that their Chinese spot is the best. When visiting it's easy to get lost amongst the options, here is a quick guide to the most savory locations in Manhattan. For an authentic experience visit Grand Sichuan, which has over 6 locations. They have an expansive and appealing menu of well priced choices and are famous for their spicy dishes. Our favorites are the Dandan Noodles and Gui Zhou Chicken that will have your mouth watering and your sinuses cleared. If you are craving a more upscale venue, Red Farm is the perfect fit. With a farm-to-table environment and innovative plates to match, this is far from your ordinary dining experience and could pass for a New American restaurant. Order the family-style entrees to share with your entire table. The food is delicate and delicious, sure to be a hit. For the pure Chinatown experience head over the Joe's Shanghai situated on a charming winding street in downtown. Try their speciality, pork soup dumplings. Use a spoon to catch the succulent juices as you bite into their steamy goodness. Take note, there is usually a wait for this casual eatery. Chinese food is a staple to every New York vacation, use this guide to make a great selection.

Grand Sichuan, 229 9th Ave, (212) 620-5200

RedFarm, 529 Hudson St, (212)792-9700

Joe's Shanghai, 9 Pell St, (212) 233-8888

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