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Hip Hop Shakespeare

Hip Hop Shakespeare

January 1st, 2017 | Events in New York

Catch the amazing show, Othello: The Remix, before it leaves the West Side Theater on January 15th. Everyone knows that Shakespeare was a word slayer and a master of verse, but this fun and humor filled take on the famous Othello play has the New York Times calling it "clever, witty, and fast." It is presented by John Leguizamo and directed, written, and composed by GQ and JQ, in what is sure to be an entertaining and smile-inducing 80 minutes. The concept alone is guaranteed to have you intrigued. What they have accomplished is a brilliant adaptation of a play into a contemporary music idiom, as the New York Times says. It is ultimately a rap opera filled with exuberance and hip hop flare. The perfect compliment to a cold January night in Manhattan is a great performance which is both innovative and exciting!

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